Sailing Barge Juno

This unique vessel was built at Charlie Ward's boatyard in Morston and launched in March 2000.

Constructed in steel, she is immensely sturdy and capable of coastal cruising and beaching when required. Her shallow draft (2 ft 6 inches!) enables her to venture up the smallest tidal creeks and harbours as well as landing on beaches when sea conditions permit.

'JUNO' is the first sailing barge to be built in the UK for many years, and the

design has been inspired by the famous Thames sailing cargo barges which were a common sight all along the East Coast until the early 1900s . In fact 'JUNO' is the size of barge which used to regularly trade in and out of Blakeney and Wells harbours until the 1920s.

The hull design of these barges (flat bottomed) creates an exceptionally stable vessel with masses of space both above and below decks.

Wherever she sails, 'JUNO' always attracts considerable interest and she has been extensively featured recently in all the leading yachting magazines (both UK and overseas) as well as on television.

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